Barrel Strength Design Business Cards - October 2011

An exploration in printing multiple versions of the same business card.

October 2011

Student Friendly Presentation Resources

A list of resources to help design and build more visual, compelling, and memorable presentations.

February 2011

Improving the Design of Tax Forms: Identifying the Problem

If information design has a golden challenge, it is to redesign the U.S. tax forms. These behemoths ooze the opportunity for improvement. Not only do they clothe a complex tax in a dismal plaid, but every year they encourage thousands of diligent, hardworking citizens (unable to understand their own tax returns) to tempt hordes of labor away from other value-creating activities.

November 2008

Tools for Web Development

A few tools I've found quite useful in my (mac-based) workflow.

October 2008

On Composition and Communication

Words, and the Placement Of is not about words. It is about understanding the relationship between human nature and effective communication, and exploring the universal elements of composition.

May 2008