Notes on how to create a Language Grammar and Custom Theme for a Textmate Bundle

Over the past couple of years I've been working a lot with Craft CMS and Twig. There was an existing PHP-Twig Textmate bundle which was a good starting point but there were several Craft-specific improvements I wanted to make. Certain keywords were not recognized or highlighted incorrectly and a number of handy tab shortcuts and key bindings were not available. On top of this, I wanted to customize a theme to my preferences and struggled to get the themes I had working with the grammar in a way that made me happy.

July 2015

Understanding .htaccess, Regular Expressions, and URL Rewrite Rules, with Examples

The .htaccess file has probably cost unexperienced and experienced web developers more time than any other file on the internet. But understanding it has a lot of benefits – improving SEO, usability, workflow, and your health (too much swearing is hard on your morale!).

February 2012