Sorchetti - A Gnocchumentary

In my family, we always referred to Gnocchi as Sorchetti or "Little Mice". The term, along with the recipe, was my Grandma's who grew up in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. I've yet to find a restaurant that serves a similar version of the dish.

December 2016

An Onslaught of Caterpillars to an Air Conditioned Building in Florida

An Italian Sonnet about a particular group of caterpillars who really, really want to cool off.

October 2011

Animal Songs for Strong Children - Album Cover

The first draft of the album cover for Animal Songs for Strong Children by Benghis Khan & the Band Wagon

June 2011

Handmade Engagement Ring for Libby!

September 2010

Swirlie Ring, Prong Setting

March 2010

Chubby Birdie Ring

March 2010

Garnet Cabuchon, Handmade Ring

March 2010

Handmade Ring, Dented for Texture!

March 2010

Handmade Flower Ring

March 2010

Handmade Wire Pendant

March 2010

My First Handmade Ring

March 2010

My Flourescent Persona

A Narrative Verse about a man who used to walk by the International House at San Jose State University.

November 2006

Temporal to the White Sea (As told by a critter to his kind)

A Blank Verse about the telling of an old story around a campfire.

November 2006

Much Thanks to Wild Boars

A poem about three friends who stayed up all night to write down the colors they saw during the sunrise.

November 2006

The Valiant Turtle Metaphor

A non-metrical split couplet about a turtle and how a turtle could possibly relate to foreign aid.

November 2006

Casual Tunes (Lauren's Closet Poem)

A song about chance, days that define themselves, and the details we remember.

November 2006