Barrel Strength Design Business Cards - October 2011

Business cards are always a challenge. They always seem to take too much time but they reflect the identity of your organization so there are many details to consider and get right. This round, I decided to try They have a solid business model that aims to provide high-quality products and not even bother with lower quality stuff. So far, from the online interface, to the shipping (one week early? neat), to the box, paper, and print quality, I'm pleased.

They also have a service called Printfinity where you can print multiple versions of the back of your business card. This service seems to be targeted at displaying work from your portfolio but I decided use it a bit differently, highlighting a variety of different services that my business offers. Instead of printing multiple versions of the back of my card, I created multiple versions of the front—using the back of my card to list the full range of services I currently offer. As the paper quality is the same (as far as I can tell), printing on the front vs. the back is really just a semantic issue of the online interface. Here's a look at the four versions of the front of the card, and the single version of the back.

Web Design & Development

Email Marketing & Training

Data Visualization & Information Design

Presentation Design & Coaching

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