Sequoia National Park

A few highlights from my three day retreat to Sequoia National Park.

June 2015

The Bourbon Supremacy: Aperitif and Appetizer Gathering

October 2010


July 2010

Gorehorn, the Adventure Pony

If you're looking for an activity to soften a long drive, I recommend an extravagant Mix CD Challenge! Our trip was from Arlington, Virginia to Durham, North Carolina. The challenge was simple: invent two album names and assign them to other people on the trip.

June 2008

Update: April 2008

A re-posting of a letter that I sent to family and friends.

April 2008


Deep in the heart of Virginia, six friends find themselves in a land unfamiliar and rare... Their task: 1) Shoot a bunch of video, 2) Share that video amongst everyone, and 3) Let each person tell the story as it was. Here's my take on the fiction-enhanced memories.

February 2008